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The Williamson County Vendetta

The 1850 Mortality Schedule

The War of 1812

Joliet Prison Register

1883 Pensioners
Cottage Home
Crab Orchard
Herrin's Prairie
Lake Creek
Pulley's Mill
Sulphur Springs
Ward's Mill
Wolf Creek

Johnston City News Excerpts

Williamson County Homicides

The Herrin Mining Disaster of 1883

Early Pensioners

The First To Apply

The 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic

The Pension of Thomas Jefferson Beavers

World War I Gold Star Men From Williamson County

Black Soldiers who served in WWI

Williamson County Miners who served in WWI

WWI Liberty Loan Campaign
Those who donated and history

Odd Fellows Mattoon "Old Folks Home" Residents October 16, 1928

Odd Fellows Orphan Home - Roster for the year ending August 31, 1928

Williamson County Pictures

Mining In Illinois
Many Newspaper Articles and Lists of Victims

Last Will and Testament of Jesse Emmerson

Elizabeth Alsop Emmerson Heirs

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